Pastor's Note
January 2013
Happy New Year! 
Pastor Doug Browner
Pastor: Rev. Doug Browner Jr


    As we draw ever closer to the return of our Lord, I pray we be absolutely surrendered; that we should stop dating the church, go ahead and fall madly in love with Jesus and become the complete and total bride of Christ.

    The meaning of Absolute is unconditional; complete in itself; positive. And the meaning of Surrender is to yield to any influence, passion or power; to yield; give up; to resign in favor of another.

   The truth of the matter is we all surrender to something. We surrender to our jobs, money; some may surrender to grief, to our flesh, to the lust of the eye, and even to the pride of life, however, that which we are surrendered to, the thing that we have put before God has become our idol. We have all been given the capacity to choose what we surrender to and the only person or thing you can surrender to that does not take from you but gives to you abundantly is the Lord Jesus Christ. Contrary to the views of the world surrender is not the weak, quitting thing to do. It is not an irrational, thoughtless thing, no the opposite is true it is a very carefully thought out, disciplined, conscious decision to follow Christ absolutely surrendered in every way to His will for your life.

    Will you not surrender this year? Will you enter into the victorious, abundant life Christ has called you to?

      “All to Jesus I surrender;
       All to Him I freely give;
       I will ever love and trust Him,
       In His presence daily live.”

                    J.W. Van Deventer

Because of Calvary,
Bro. Doug Browner

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